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Practical and capable of detailed descriptions and critiques of everything, Virgo seeks order even amongst chaos.They make great friends, and will be honest with you, including the truth in your weaknesses and faults.The initial impression of the Virgo will be one of calm authority, but the inner world is one of nervousness, restlessness and controlled intensity. Although they are quick to dish the criticism, they ironically have a hard time hearing their own faults from others.Virgo must be up and doing, continuously working toward perfecting themselves and everything that they do. More of the serious type, Virgos will rarely be found clowning around … When addressing the weaknesses and faults of this sign, do so tactfully and with great sensitivity.Unlike any other sign, Virgo has a purity about them, born to be of service with a love of helping others simply to do so.Virgo loves cleanliness in everything, and tend to dress well, mainly because they want to look good for themselves.They will critique the people they care about, motivated by the pure purpose to help, although they have a blind spot …even a bit of denial at times, about their own short-comings.

They can become very fussy about the way they look, as they notice the little things, the small details that most signs usually miss.After four years, scads of lays, and many great girlfriends (plus plenty of failures along the way), he launched this website.Virgo is the Fifth Sign of Zodiac and is traditionally represented by a virgin girl.Mercury certainly was not one to sit still for long. A darker side of Virgo reveals itself when the less evolved Virgin becomes hyper-critical toward themselves and everyone around them, shooting off the faults and problems of everything from the hip, with little regard for anything.Ruled by Mercury, the sign of intelligence and reason, this planet predisposes Virgo to a high-strung temperament.

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At parties, the Virgo can often be found helping the hostess clean up afterwards.

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