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He even succeeded in selling the Eiffel Tower for scrap, not once but twice.

He used 24 aliases, spoke 5 languages and had been arrested 46 times but never convicted. New York City pizzerias that served slices and refused to use Al Capone’s cheese would be firebombed. Even after taking fourteen bullets from Al Capone’s gang in the Valentine’s Day Massacre, a Northside mobster, Frank Gusenburg, told police “No one shot me” as he lay dying. In 1986 Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera, hosted a two-hour live TV special centered on the opening of a secret vault once owned by Al Capone.

The League, and other organizations that supported prohibition such as the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union, soon began to succeed in enacting local prohibition laws.

This opportunity would occur unchallenged by the drink businesses (“the liquor traffic”) in whose interests it was to urge more Americans to drink, and to drink more beverage alcohol.

The blight of saloons would disappear from the landscape, and saloonkeepers no longer allowed to encourage people, including children, to drink beverage alcohol.

Former President Woodrow Wilson, with the help of an unidentified aide, leaves his Washington home in 1921.

Mark Benbow, historian at the Woodrow Wilson House, has grown tired of hearing people wrongly say the 28th president was responsible for Prohibition because it occurred while he was in the White House.

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It was ratified by the end of that year, bringing the Prohibition era to a close. National mood – when America entered the war in 1917 the national mood also turned against drinking alcohol.