Aim lifestream not updating Chatid dating

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Aim lifestream not updating

Furthermore, AIM will store your entire chat sessions in the cloud.You will be able to video chat via AIM as well (but not in a group chat) and exchange messages via Facebook Chat and Google Talk users, in addition to the standard AIM service.A third tab called "Me" shows how many other people's buddy lists you're on, whether you've activated mobile IM forwarding, and your Lifestream settings.It's a decent online console, and you can even comment on friends' Facebook posts and have them show up on the social network.Rather than complain about how it lacks videoconferencing and how it's not i Chat and how it's made by AOL and is therefore terrible, let's give credit to AOL for even making the thing at all.

As someone who got used to fighting with old and outdated pieces of Mac software because of lack of support, I see this at least as a good start.AOL today launched a preview of an all-new chat client, available as a free native application for Mac OS X, Windows or as a web app. For starters,the new AIM looks much nicer and has the interface akin to the Twitter for i Pad app, meaning swipeable panes.Of course, Mac users have been able to add and exchange instant messages with their AIM buddies using i Chat, which supports AIM and ships built in Mac OS X. More important than that, according to use AIM for work daily).Hello, i tried the application because a friend with a Windows PC, to do a video chat.It work badly, and now, when i use i Chat, every time i send a message to him, i get a message from AIM telling me that i had a new version of AIM, and my friend could record the conversation and read the faq!

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It is integrated better with the OS, it operates perfectly fine and, yeah, it has video.

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