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Aikendating comsatanicdating

In February 1993, A warning card from the Knights of the KKK was left on the door of a Five Points church whose membership includes blacks.

Robb's guests include skinheads, neo-Nazis, and members of Aryan Nations, as well as Klansmen. The Center for Democratic Renewal recognizes that the increased attack on Southern Black churches is part of a growing national trend of violent intolerance.Southern Black churches, particularly in rural areas, are the heart and soul of the Black community.The old Klan-type of organized racism is augmented by groups with different names but motivated by the same hatred, and spewing the same intolerant rhetoric that is easily transformed, by some, into violence. Note: Out of the 80 cases listed above 5 were vandalisms: Bucks Chapel Church- Sumter County, Alabama Pine Top Baptist Church- Sumter County, Alabama Oak Grove Missionary Church - Sumter County, Alabama Hammond Grove Baptist Church- N.The following is a partial listing of examples of hate crimes that took place in the 1990s and of organizations that existed during the same time in the nine Southern states where attacks on Black churches have taken place: Wedowee became the focus of national attention in 1994 when the high school principal, Hulond Humphries, threatened to cancel the prom if inter-racial couples planned to attend. Augusta, South Carolina Rock Spings Baptist Church, Mc Donough, Georgia Note: Out of the 80 cases above 6 were determined to be causes other than arson.

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In 1993, the Knights started a Klan Kid Korp to "help steer children in the right direction." This group is for ages from birth to 12 years.