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Adults want to chat amy fuck

My wife and I are both 41 and we have been very happily married for 10 years though we've been together for a total of 15.

Our sex life has it's ups and downs like anyone else's but generally it's been pretty great.

A Catholic upbringing did nothing to free her up to explore.

A virgin when we married - I didn't realize she would never learn to relax and enjoy.

Another guy may do something to your wife, or with her, that you don't do, or won't do - or she may want to do something with another guy that she won't do with you.

One possibility is that you are simply a voyeur, and your lovely wife is simply the object of your obsession at this point.

Her - some other man's cock to fuck her and for me - to just watch her have a good time in bed.You can make it out to be any thing you want it to be!As long as you both are comfortable and willing and the trust is there.My wife and i talked about doing this one night and we both ended up so turned on by it that we just had to try it once.I have to say that watching her with another man was sooo fucking hot.

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(If either of you are jealous just to have someone look at your spouse swinging wont work for you!