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: I previously summarized how post-poll election rigging has taken place in past elections in Pakistan and how, therefore, it might occur again.After my last post, based on an article in The Friday Times, I asked , a Swedish electoral expert working with the Electoral Commission of Pakistan, to respond. We share almost every part of our lives on social media, tell our friends about our latest fad, follow influencers every move, but we don’t share, follow or even talk much about sex?

So, unless each and every AC office has access to 6.5 million identical seals on their premises and can go through every single box and find these unique 30 seals it cannot be done. The method described is exactly the one I was discussing in previous posts, but the account is more detailed.

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He argues that new safeguards introduced for this election make the previous type of post-poll rigging impossible: The one thing the people trying to rig the elections at the Assistant Commissioner offices have to overcome this time around is the uniquely numbered plastic security seal that prevents the new translucent ballot boxes’ slot from being opened without detection.

Party agents, international observers and the 20,000 [Free and Fair Election Network, a Pakistani election monitoring organization] observers have all been trained to record the unique serial numbers of the seals used on the ballot boxes in the polling stations, so they have to be prevented from entering the polling stations throughout the Election Day, which would defeat the alleged clandestine stealth-rigging at a select number of polling stations.


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