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Posted by / 27-Oct-2020 20:42

So you will ask them if something strange was received about you. First, there is nothing in the email that demonstrates they know anything personally about you: it’s not addressed to you by name and there’s no detail about what site you supposedly visited and when.Nor did they supply a screenshot of the “self-abusing” they allege to have captured.I’m not the one in the porn but I have similar coloring.At first it was just annoying that I had to keep blocking different numbers and emails, but they have a lot of personal information about me that they are threatening to put on rn he dark web.

Just a profile picture and some general information the paper would have posted.

Searching the web, there are reports of people receiving similar email scams, going back at least to last fall.

The wording of the email varies, including where the scammers claim they’re from, the nature of their threat and the amount of money being demanded.

If I check to see which of my email addresses have been involved in breaches, my work email has been breached many more times than my personal email.

I’ve had a similar problem but they claim I’m the one performing in the porn!

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I’ve changed my Apple password and started getting new emails and a new number but I’m afraid it’s not just going away. They haven’t even asked for money but they threatened to post a picture of my passport.

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