Adult personal and dating services

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Adult personal and dating services

The CL personals in more recent years ranged from futile to potentially dangerous (again, maybe unless you were gay/bi, and/or unless you were looking to 'pay to play' -- but even then, how safe was it really to go and meet a total stranger at their home or at a motel or elsewhere, for a random sexual encounter?? I'd imagine also that not all -- probably not half -- of the many m4m random hookups that took place daily from off of there were really "safe sex", and thus STD spread was possibly realistically a problem from there too, to a certain extent.

The elimination of the CL m4m and t4m (and the other personals) sections may in some way help to cut down on that a tiny bit as well, given that it likely makes it that much harder now for random men to meet and have anonymous encounters without actually having to go somewhere out of the house, converse, etc.

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CL personals here in the US was "killed" or died officially about a month ago now, but I think that was really the best thing for it.

It had gone practically totally to hell over the past few years.

This was effective immediatly for the Craigslist website serving the United States only.

Other countries like Canada and the United Kingdom will continue to operation their personals section.

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