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Luckily, because we’re talking about Ohio State athletics, that was almost never the case, so the mouth was kind of a moot point.

For some reason, a full decade after introducing a mascot that was quickly beloved by the student body, Ohio State decided to really switch up the game and go with a much smaller and grotesquely horrifying head.

The costume also featured a much more anthropomorphic body allowing the wearer full use of their arms.

Today Brutus appears at over 500 events every year, from sporting events to charity appearances.After two weeks, the head was upgraded to a lighter and more durable fiberglass version, and the name was selected in student-voted poll in November 1965.Three years later saw the costume’s first major redesign, bringing with it a mouth that could be flipped from a wide grin to a pouty frown when the Bucks were doing poorly in a game.But was it an accident that could’ve been prevented?According to a lawsuit filed by the victims and their families, yes.

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As any true Ohio State fan knows, Brutus Buckeye is more than just a school mascot, he’s a crucial member of the OSU family. Here’s a look back at how Brutus became the lovable nut head we know him as today!