Accommodating resistance exercise equipment

Posted by / 27-Sep-2020 08:39

Made in the USA, heavy duty, accommodating resistance device. This device has been designed to attach resistance bands and or chains etc to a barbell.

Best piece of exercise equipment on the market for improving resistance training.

It might be surprising that the first method I suggest is not a way to increase resistance, but a way to add assistance.

I hate blaming tools for injury when the fault is usually the user, but in this day of Instagram stars, we must be extra cautious with training recommendations.

The push-up, on the contrary, is perfectly set up for “band assistance.” For more than three years now, we’ve been using the Sling Shot, a giant elastic band with arm holes.

We find it’s the best tool for assisting push-ups (and bench press) and we have over a dozen of them at the facility. We bought a boatload of the Sling Shot bands to help all our athletes train better, not just the big benchers.

Bands and chains are not dangerous, but anything that adds force and complexity can be hazardous to the wrong users.

You can’t treat bands and chains as “weight room toys”—they are advanced tools for professionals.

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Components include 7 gauge steel that is laser cut and powder coated with stainless and aluminum hardware.

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