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Abc news online dating

This situation illustrates several common characteristics of scams.

The individual: Other notable examples include those with actual photographs used to deceive potential victims.

These operations may be individual, amateur efforts, or executed by larger crime syndicates based overseas .

Entrenched criminal organizations have greater resources to set up more believable scams, like those featuring the invented "John Scofield," a well-connected, handsome character living in Florida; Scofield's profile was used simultaneously in multiple scams around the country All demographics are at risk for online dating scams. But I don’t really know that the guy doesn’t love me.

However, scams disproportionately target older women: 68% of complaints submitted in 2011 were targeted at women, and 82% of those affected women over 40 years of age. There was a guy that I met when I’m still at home in Florida (two month ago) so the guy told me that he love me. We have fun and know much more about each other together in the same room.

Women who have been divorced, disabled, or widowed are also prime targets. And the next day I can't find this guy any more he ran away with all my money and my goods.

Victims project their own perceptions on suspicious behavior because they desperately want their online relationship to succeed.

These images often appear to be modified or copied out of glamour magazines; unrealistically attractive or flawless people are often indicators of some degree of fraud.

Despite this, people continue to be duped by these scams.

In online romance scams, victims overlook noticeable red flags for personal reasons.

One victim who exhibited this effect is Dori Hartley.

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Internet romance scams often take place through online dating services, such as and OKCupid.

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