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841 error validating cardaccount number range

Therefore, when configuring your Orbital Gateway (Salem Platform) in Zuora, you will see only one option to select from, that is Salem - 000001.

The merchant ID (MID) is the merchant account number assigned to you by Chase Orbital.

You cannot create new Orbital gateway instances in either of these versions, but existing instances in your Zuora tenant continue to work.

In this case, when configuring the payment gateway in Zuora, you should select the Industry Type for how the transaction is actually obtained.If you obtain payments using different methods, you may need to create multiple payment gateway profiles in Zuora using the same MID but with a different Industry Type selected in each profile.If you accept all credit cards, it is recommended that you configure two gateway instances.This Orbital MID is your Salem Division (TD) number.This MID number should be the same one you provided to Zuora Global Support to enable in your tenant, and the ID(s) will appear as a picklist in the gateway configuration page.

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There are two host platforms available for the Orbital Gateway: Salem and Tampa.

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