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So guys, don’t go taking things like #6 to heart, because its cute to watch your face when you’re talking about cars because you get so excited over it and we get enjoyment out of seeing you happy.Maybe you can cut the car talk and substitute it with a nice makeout sesh, girls always want some rapid tongue action.Until the next Unisex Confessions, happy dating, my friends.When it comes to today’s dating scene, it seems as though the more we connect with others in many forms of technology the more we disconnect with many who are close to us.Even though I am clearly the queen of being a hypocrite, and the fact that I have a Tinder (as you all now know), is proof.I asked two good guy friends of mine, ages 20 and 24, as well as my stepbrother, 16, for what turns them off about girls within the “talking” period, as we like to call it.You get their number, and the first few days of texting and hanging out are awesome.Sure, there’s a little awkwardness thrown in there, I mean shit, especially if they’re from Tinder because even having one of those accounts screams, “I CANT FIND SOMEONE IN THE REAL WORLD TO HAVE A NO STRINGS ATTACHED FLING WITH SO ILL PUT ALL MY BEST PROFILE AND TAGGED PICTURES ONTO THIS LITTLE APP AND ILL WRITE A QUIRKY BIO THAT MY TYPE OF GIRLS/GUYS WILL BE INTO”. Which leads me into instant turns offs, and one of mine is definitely when a guy is a hypocrite.

- 2332k By recognizing the way you work, this smart next-gen technology accelerates everything—from booting up and opening large apps, to finding files fast and multitasking seamlessly.Let’s say that this said period is the first 2-3 weeks of meeting someone and getting to know them and their dirty secrets.Most of the answers I received were over text and few were said person to person, that’s why they’re kind of all over the place and random.With these three factors alone it’s very possible that whoever you see potential in is likely to have a different interpretation of a committed relationship from yours.This is why it’s very important to be open with each other in the very beginning of a relationship and express what it means to be monogamous.

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And divorce papers are super long and you’ll probably get carpel tunnel from all of the places you need to sign and initial.

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