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210 bosnian  online dating

As the WCC is still in the early stages of conducting trials, this report offers an overview of the key organs whose effective functioning is essential to ensure the WCC's success.

In particular, the following areas are discussed: 1) the Special Department for War Crimes within the Office of the Prosecutor of the State Court; 2) the Criminal Defense Support Section; 3) the Witness and Victim Support Section; and 4) the Public Information and Outreach Section.

We also highlight particular areas of concern, and make recommendations about where we believe the WCC can improve operations.

Human Rights Watch believes that the Government of Bosnia, as well as the international community as a whole, must provide the WCC and its institutions with the necessary assistance to ensure its success.

To that end, Human Rights Watch plans to monitor the WCC's progress and issue follow-up reports accordingly. The Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina consists of a number of cantons.

During the period from October 2005 to January 2006, we conducted a number of interviews in person and by telephone, and received substantial material from officials via e-mail.

Many of the individuals we interviewed wished to speak candidly, but did not wish to be cited by name, so we have used generic terms where appropriate to protect the identity of these sources.

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