17 21 year old dating camilla al fayed dating

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17 21 year old dating

20 years later we are happily married with 4 DC and our marriage is stronger than ever.I was quite mature and sensible for my age I guess and we knew each other as friends first.

OP could keep his hands off until she's done opening all the B-day presents when she turns 18 but people are going to make assumptions.

Tell her to ignore his judgey mum and just get on with being happy for now. Does your sister know specifically what is bothering his mum?

Is he, for example, a university graduate and she doesn't like that he is dating a schoolgirl? The gap is only really noticeable at this age because the 21yr old may want to go to a pub that the 17yr ole either won’t get into or won’t be able to drink in.

A 25 year old shouldn't be dating a 19 year old.

The rule's just an arbitrary justification for dating someone you know is too young for you.4 years isn't necessarily a large age difference. 30 and 26 would be fine, but the 4 years between 17 and 21 are a big 4 years.

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Er, at least, if we're talking about kissing on the mouth.

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