14c wiggle match dating

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14c wiggle match dating

de Champlain, an iconic figure of contact-era northeastern North America whose accounts are central to (re)considerations of violent colonial European interventions ().

Otherwise, an assumed refined chronology for the late prehistoric period has been based on the initial appearance and then the abundance of types of European trade goods (for example, presence/absence of types of metals and presence/absence of types of glass beads).

We investigate the timing of these sites via C) dates obtained on organic samples from the Warminster, Draper, Spang, and Mantle sites to test and investigate the assumed chronology and derived history (see the Supplementary Materials).

We obtained samples from each site and use 86 C dates to achieve independent dating versus the use of assumptions built around trade and cultural traits (tables S1 and S2 and figs. We focus on short-lived plant remains with direct archeological associations that will provide ages contemporary with use and employ dates on wood charcoal samples to provide terminus post quem (TPQ) constraint information.

However, a well-known late prehistoric site sequence in southern Ontario, Draper-Spang-Mantle, usually dated ~1450–1550, yields much later radiocarbon-based dates of ~1530–1615.

This comprises the sites of Draper, Spang, and then Mantle, the largest, most complex completely excavated Iroquoian site in southern Ontario and also known as Jean-Baptiste Lainé (we retain the original site name here as per previous publications) (Fig. In this case, there is no clear, direct, historical association.

Existing dates have been applied to this sequence based on the absence of European trade goods at Draper and Spang and only three examples of such goods at Mantle.

We thus C timescale provides historically useful evidence for contact-era northeastern North America.

Our second case is the chronology of a key Wendat community/site relocation sequence in the Rouge River–West Duffins drainage in southern Ontario east of Toronto, Canada.

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However, despite a historically informed general narrative, direct historical associations with most sites are lacking for northeastern North America ().

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