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French, English and Creole are the main languages in Mauritius.

English is considered by many as the main business language, however newspapers and TV and radio news are mainly in French.

Mauritius is a beautiful island off the east coast of southern Africa that definitely needs to be on your bucketlist!Mauritius is the most densely populated country on the African continent and also one of the most prosperous and rich countries on the continent.There are so many exciting places, amazing white sandy beaches, picturesque towns and villages, ancient military ruins to visit, please make sure you come back to this site again, as we will add more information on places to visit here soon.The majority are descendants from Indian people and are referred to as Indo-Mauritians.Almost half of the population practise Hinduism, other dominant religions are Roman Catholicism and Islam.

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To reach Mauritius, it take a 4 hours flight from Johannesburg/South Africa, 12 hours flight from Paris/France or 13 hours from London/UK.